About Leslie Cater

When I was a very young man I loved being outside, either in fields, woodlands or near to water and spend time with the nature that surrounded me where I used to live.

I was lucky enough to live on a hill surrounded by eleven acres of woodland where I spent a great deal of my time, often seeing deer, foxes, the odd badger and plenty of bird life, not to forget the insects and fungi that populated the wood area. I had always loved birds and one year as a school project kept a journal of all the birds I found and recorded, I still have that journal today.

I also spent the next few years being an angler and travelled to lakes, ponds and rivers from dawn to dusk, experiencing many moments seeing so much wildlife that I had never seen before. As I became older and left school the plan was to go to university and become an artist - well that was the plan but once I had found work I never left the work environment and it was only later in life I picked up that artistic thread with my photography.

Photographer Les Cater
"Photographer Leslie Cater"

I have done most things in the photographic world but nature always drew me back to what I love the most. There was a time I spent nearly five years working on mushrooms, toadstools and fungi, purely because of the various colours and shapes they produced, and made slide shows of the results.

Then it was insects with macro photography and after that waterscapes which I love because they involved being near water and getting up very early to catch sunrises or going out later in the evening to capture sunsets.

The interest in bird photography has only happened and developed over the last two years. The advent of digital photography has made this a real challenge and one that I have enjoyed immensely although it’s sometimes difficult to get everything right with the new technology. Best of all, it has taken me back to observing birdlife, there is always something new to learn and I am grateful to have learnt so much about bird habits and their way of life.

I have set up my web site so that you can enjoy what I photograph and see in my images of wildlife how I view the nature that surrounds us all, and to show what a beautiful world we share with nature and how lucky we are to be part of it.

Leslie Cater