Mother Stoat and Kits

mother stoat and kits

Mother Stoat and Kits

Stoats are amazing little creatures, very fast, agile and prolific hunters. They raise around eight to ten kits in a good year and you will find them in woodland areas as well as in dense undergrowth and wetland areas like marshes. The mother often moves the kits from hole to hole as they grow and for safety reasons. They use old rabbit burrows and under tree stumps to raise their kits but also for cache holes, they can have several such caches full of food such as rabbits, birds, and other small mammals, so there is always a food supply. The stoat has a complex hunting and wide area programme and can travel many miles in one day to catch food.

This photograph was shown on BBC Springwatch and at the end of the three-week programme was sent to two local newspapers as a news report and write up all about the Springwatch series being based at Minsmere, the articles each had a full spread with my photo at the top of the page with credit to my name for the photo.


Mustela erminea (Carnivora)

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