Stoat RSPB

stoat rspb

Stoat RSPB

This mother stoat I followed for a season. She raised eight kits and was a feature on BBC Springwatch 2016. I had met one of the camera crew and spent a little time over the three weeks in his company and I was there on the day when the mother moved all eight kits, again thanks to the BBC camera man who had told me where to go, and I watched her running back and forth for more than a half hour. When he turned up later with his film camera I helped him by pointing out where the mother stoat was about to emerge from under the undergrowth with her eight kits; he filmed while I was taking many wonderful photos.

I was asked by Springwatch if they could use the photograph on their programme, but because of the nature of the photo and many complaints from bird people it was not used. Later, when the three-week series was over RSPB Minsmere then put it up on their Twitter page and it received many likes and comments. This particular photo has been greeted with many comments as a top photo by professionals and amateur photographers alike.


Mustela erminea (Carnivora)

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