Water Vole

water vole

Water Vole

These little mammals live on ponds, lakes and rivers and are not often seen as they are in decline, so there is a conservation plan in action in our area to keep a count and where they breed in holes all along a river, marsh or just a ditch bank, to see if the progress of this lovely little creature is getting better or worse. It does seem that it is doing well on the RSPB Minsmere site now and they raise from two to four young every year, but only a few survive as they are often predated by herons, stoats and other animals. They feed on very young reed shoots and you can’t always see them but you can see a young reed slowly going down and a gnawing sound coming from the reed bed, they will also climb trees near to the water to find fresh new buds or shoots which are tender and tasty.


Arvicola terrestis (Rodentia)

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